It’s good to be a Sceptic, until you have proof!

It is good to be a sceptic! until you have proof!

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I was invited along to Askem in Furness Rugby Club to do an Angel Event.  I love my work and it really doesn’t feel like work it is just so much fun.  I set off with my Mum acting as my chauffer as my shoulder was hurting to drive.  This gave me chance to tune in with my guides on my journey about what I was to do at this event.  I never plan things always just do as I am told at the time!  I have learnt the hard way as the first event I did I planned everything and had it all on a powerpoint.  When I came to deliver it I talked about something totally different than I planned.  So now I just go with the flow and it is a surprise to see what comes out.

But this time not only did they tell me how to deliver the evening but they also mentioned that there was a lady who was unsure about coming along, as with it being an Angel event she didn’t know if I worked with Spirit too!  She was aware of her deceased husband and can often smell him when he is around her.  She desperately wanted a message from him but was shy and didn’t want it in front of others.  I was told to announce this at the start and ask her to make contact afterwards.

So the evening got underway and I did exactly as I had been told and asked the lady to make contact with me later.  The evening was so well attended that they had to extend the room by taking out a partition to make space for everyone to fit in.  There was well over 100, mostly ladies with the exception of a couple of “brave” men.

I was very surprised to find that my shoulder did not hurt one bit whilst doing the event, in fact none of my aches and pains do when I am working.  It feels like I am in a different body when I do platform work.  No nerves, almost on autopilot.  Distractions of people in the audience don’t seem to bother me either, I really don’t notice them.

The event went swimmingly; well at least that’s what everyone told me.  I certainly enjoyed it introducing people to their Guardian Angels.  Giving them information that they could use in day to day life, mixed in with real life examples of how Angels have helped me and others I know.  I even channelled messages to some of the audience.  It gives me such a buzz when you can see things making sense to people, the penny dropping, not to mention the jaw when I explain the signs the Angels have been giving them.  They have noticed them but never made the connection until now, it is wonderful to see.

One lady also won the reading to come on stage and have an Angel reading.  She was a pleasure to read for and I really noticed how the Angels were cautious with the personal information for both her and the other people I delivered messages to.  Normally when I do one to one readings they are very deep and often emotional, which is a healing.  I had to give out a couple of tissues but mostly their messages where lighter and practical help was suggested instead.

On my journey to the event I was also warned that there would be a lot of sceptics, so I would need to give lots of examples of how Angels can help people in day to day life.  Sceptics do not worry me, I believe you should be sceptic until you have proof, but it is always good to keep an open mind.

At the end of the evening I was approached by a lady who said she was here with her mother in law, who had kept saying all evening it was all “utter shite” excuse the words, but that is what she said. I had to laugh! She went on to tell me she believed and wanted her mother in law to as well.  She asked me if there was anything I could say that would just make her think and open her mind up to the possibility that there was more to life that what she thought!  I was made aware of her and husband having some discussion about some ties.  He had quite a large collection that he never wore and she wanted to get rid of them and he didn’t.  So I told her to ask her mother in law about this.  She went back and relayed the message, I was then immediately called over and I think it is safe to say now she is open to the possibility of Angels and Spirit!

Just as I was packing up another lady came up to me and said “I am the lady you mentioned, that wasn’t sure about coming along, do you have a message for me”?  That was the perfect end to my evening, as I was able to tell her the message from her husband which she needed to hear.

So driving home I gave big thanks to my Angels and Guides – Team Angel, another successful nights work.  I do love my job. x


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Amanda Tooke - known as "The Angel Mystic" for Mystic Moon, Windermere. I do readings face to face or via Skype or telephone, in which I channel messages from your Guardian Angels on how to more forward positively with your life. My work is about connecting people with their Angels and teaching them about the benefits they can make to their life, this is what I do when I run my workshops and events. I have also written my first book which is currently being published "If You Don't Ask - You Don't Get". I have my own Angel Intuitive Cards and Meditation CD's for you to use at home to help you connect. 2012 also sees the launch of my stage show "An Audience with the Angels". More information is on my website
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