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Amanda “The Angel Mystic” from Mystic Moon, in Windermere.  I do Angel and Psychic readings via skype or phone for people all over the world.  But there is nothing quite like the face to face readings I do in my studio or other people’s homes locally.

I also offer Angel Parties, were a group of people get together, generally in someone’s home and we do a mini-meditation, learn some Angel basics and then I do the one to one readings.
I am in the process of having my first book published, it is called “If you don’t ask – you don’t get” and in the middle of writing my second, which will have a set of Angel cards with it.

I run varies workshops and courses such as Angel Awareness, How to Read Your Angel Oracle Cards, Intuitive Development, Spiritual Development Circles and Meditations Groups. All of my work…

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About angelmystic

Amanda Tooke - known as "The Angel Mystic" for Mystic Moon, Windermere. I do readings face to face or via Skype or telephone, in which I channel messages from your Guardian Angels on how to more forward positively with your life. My work is about connecting people with their Angels and teaching them about the benefits they can make to their life, this is what I do when I run my workshops and events. I have also written my first book which is currently being published "If You Don't Ask - You Don't Get". I have my own Angel Intuitive Cards and Meditation CD's for you to use at home to help you connect. 2012 also sees the launch of my stage show "An Audience with the Angels". More information is on my website
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