The Angels took me for a walk!

The Sign of Spring

~The Sign of Spring ~


Today, it is a lovely sunning day and I decided I walk was just what I needed.  For those who know me well, understand me and walking are not that well acquainted, the mind is often willing but the body often complains!  But today the sun was far too welcoming not be taken advantage of so me and my little Ellie (dog) took a wonder.  I had great plans we could stay on the lane so not to get too muddy and walk to the end.

But as soon as I came out of the house and on to the drive I could see a little white feather, it was fluffy, soft and perfect. That’s nice I thought and said thank you.   Then I looked a little further ahead and there was another, again fluffy, soft and perfect.  I look ahead again and couldn’t believe it when I saw another.  I felt really excited like I did when I was a child and doing a treasure hunt.  I thought there surely can’t be anymore, but there was, one after another all along the walk.  Each time I found one I thought it would be the last and then I would see another a little be more ahead.  It was wonderful as I felt the Angels were encouraging me to keep walking, taking the exercise I needed.  They were distracting me from the pain I feel when I walk any distance.  It also reminded me how simple and uncomplicated it was, which made me think back to being a child and playing in the woods, being in the great outdoors, getting dirty and not caring, just being and having fun.

I was also aware of the natural beauty that is around me all the time which you can miss when driving in the car but walking along made me realise just how much I take for guarantee.  But today the sun shone like a spot light radiating mother earth and the beauty she holds.

This then lead me to remember the woods I played in as a child and then I recalled my dream about the same woods last night, about being lost.  We used to play we were lost and act out what we would need to do to survive or get out.  In my dream I was an adult going through the same woods pretending I was lost, but really I wasn’t.  Maybe the message relates to life, how we sometimes feel lost and not sure what direction we need to go in, but if we are really honest with ourselves we know the path we need to take, we just need to follow our soul.

On the way home my little walk was made complete as I came across some little snowdrops just peaking through the brambles and soggy leaves.  I sure sign that spring is coming, so lighter and brighter times ahead, not that it isn’t amazing at the moment as I am loving the energy since 2012 came in. A x


About angelmystic

Amanda Tooke - known as "The Angel Mystic" for Mystic Moon, Windermere. I do readings face to face or via Skype or telephone, in which I channel messages from your Guardian Angels on how to more forward positively with your life. My work is about connecting people with their Angels and teaching them about the benefits they can make to their life, this is what I do when I run my workshops and events. I have also written my first book which is currently being published "If You Don't Ask - You Don't Get". I have my own Angel Intuitive Cards and Meditation CD's for you to use at home to help you connect. 2012 also sees the launch of my stage show "An Audience with the Angels". More information is on my website
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