Bad Day or Good Day?

Today has not been the best of day, but neither has it been the worse.  But it has been an important lesson and one I wanted to share.

My daughter has recently passed her driving test and her new freedom is taking some adjusting to.  I am always asking the Angels to keep her safe on the road.

Today I over slept and was rushing round getting my son out to school, knowing the house was a mess and I had a reading in at 10 am.  By the time I was back from the school run my daughter had left to go to college.   I hadn’t seen her as our paths hadn’t crossed on the rush to get out the house.  But when I woke I felt uneasy and thought initially it was due to the busy day that lay ahead.

As I went back into the house the phone was ringing, I knew before I answered it was my daughter and something was wrong.  It was, she had a red light on the car and it was telling her not to drive.  It was 9.10 am, my reading was due in 50 mins, she had be at college by 10 am for an exam and I know nothing about cars!

I could feel the panic rising and I just didn’t know what to do.  Thankfully I remembered to ask the Angels for help and in the space of 10 minutes.  My daughter’s had received an offered her a lift to college, she had managed to get advice from a local garage man, drove the car to friends house and left it there for me to sort out.

I got on with speaking to the garage who we had bought the car from a few months ago, he told me it was out of warranty, conveniently last week!  He could recover the car and bring it in for tests but it would cost.  As you could imagine I was not happy.  But I remember with my bank account I got RAC membership, so I called them.  A nice lady told me they could come out and not only that,  what time would I like?  So I arrange for after my reading.

My client arrive, house was still a mess but she didn’t seem to notice, she mentioned she had got lost and if she hadn’t she would have arrived before 9.30, which would have been very early and right in the middle of my crisis.  So even she commented on how the Angels must have taken her out of the way, so I could sort out the problem.

After the reading, I went off the meet the RAC man, who I have to say was wonderful and just a joy to meet.  He was so calming and checking I was alright, you could see he would have been a great help if it had been a more dangerous breakdown.  He advised me that it was probably best to take the car to the garage were we got it from, he said how much the problem might cost and what to do about the mix up with warranty.  The strange thing is though, the car now didn’t seem to have any light on the dashboard indicating a fault, but he thought it best running diagnostics anyway.

So he suggested he follow me to Kendal and if I got warning lights, I was to pull over and he would tow me.  So I agreed but quietly muttering under my breath, I hadn’t got time for all this, I had writing and cleaning up to do, so was not best impressed.

We got to the garage and left the car for checks.  The RAC man even took me back home and on the way we had a lovely chat.  He told me he was leaving the RAC after 27 years, to start his own handyman business as it fitted in with his family better.  He said he was going to miss it as he loved helping people.  As he was talking the energy from him grew and he glowed, you could really see he had a good heart and loved that aspect of the job of helping people, but it was time for him to try working for himself.  We had such a lovely conversation about our children who were both the same age and similar personalities but he said how much he had enjoyed them at whatever stage they were at, just because they were lovely people.

I had to ask, do they not fall out, as I knew mine did all the time.  Hardly, he said, they mostly chatter and giggle.  How lovely again I thought this man really appreciates what he has and as I was listening to him sharing tales about his life and what he loved, he made me think there was message in that I need to take.  I message I need to perhaps take back home with me and share with my family.  We all take things for granted, but this man naturally really valued what he had.  I know thanks to my Angels they do help me appreciate what I have, but sometimes I do also forget. But today and this “bad day” I was having was being turned around with this man who I have no doubt was my Earth Angel for the day, not only saving the day but teaching me a lesson.

So later that day, I took the time to give thanks for what I have.  I am always saying how lucky I am to do my job, but I realised I had never actually given thanks to “the upstairs” for it.  Whilst I was having a chat with them I also told them that I didn’t want to pay anymore than £30 for the car repair.  I was really careful how I worded it, I actually said no more than £30.

Sure enough later on the garage man was on the phone telling me they had found the problem, it was the oil switch, now the RAC man had told me, if it was going to be that it would be £30 parts, £30 labour, making about £60 in total.  So I braced myself and the garage man said, it is going to be £60 but as the warranty only ran out last week, we will just call it £30.  I just burst out laughing; he said what you laughing about?  I told him that I had told “the upstairs” no more than £30 and even he said “Wow, will you tell me how you do that”!

When my daughter got home from college and we were chatting she said you know Mum I had a feeling I was going to have an accident today and I was nervous about driving.  I then remember my anxious feeling earlier in the morning.  I said well maybe the Angels broke your car so you couldn’t drive and avoided an accident.  She is also very psychic but is still in the closet!

Later that evening I heard from my Dad that there had been a bad accident on the motorway around the time my daughter would have been on it, at the exact junction she would have been getting on at.  He also mentioned he had been a white car, like my daughter’s!  That was another reason to check in with “the  upstairs” and give thanks and also to send help and healing to the people involved in the accident.

Today I also treated myself to a lovely bunch of tulip with lots of bright, fresh colours.  The make me smile, they are cheery on these dark days and I just felt they would be a nice treat.  The Angels often talk about cut flowers and treating yourself, so today I did.  I did too a photo of them, I am not sure why but found a lovely purple, pink haze in the background, I re took it and it went.  Very odd, but think it was an angelic presence, what do you think?  They certainly have been on overdrive for me today.

So today was not the best of days, but could have been worse, a lot worse.  So thank you Angels.

Tulips with the Angelic HazeJust Tulips.




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